Heat Exchanger



Größe 40,9 m² aus 1.4571, Gewicht: 11.700 kg
-1/250 bar Rohrraum & -1/10 bar Mantelraum; jeweils -10/+250°C

Heating cartridge

Heating cartridge in material tantalum 2.5 W, total heat area 12.5 m² with PTFE baffle system and C-Steel channels for steam heating.

Immersion Heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger 120 m2 in material 1.4541, 2 passes, channels provided with a davit in order to achieve a easy cleaning of the internal surface, internal surface grinded with grit 320 and electrolytic polished.

Heat Exchanger-Pharmaceutial

Heat exchanger 3 m2 in material Alloy 59 (2.4605), tube side grinded with grit 320 and electrolytic polished, GMP suitable and FDA conform design.

Heat Exchanger-Titanium

Titanium heat exchanger 508 m2, explosion cladded tubesheets Titanium / (C-Steel) 1.0425 with built on cleaning system (Molche) in order to clean the tube bundle without any large amount of work.

Heat Exchanger

Stainless steel heat exchanger 1000 m2, in matrial 1.4541/1.4306 & 1.0425, diameter 3400 mm, tube bundle length 3560 mm, tubes 38 mm x 2,6 mm, totel weight 40 t.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger 300 m2, titanium explosion cladded for 120 bar(g) operating pressure at 315 bar(g) on the tube side,
tubes Ø 20 mm x 2.6 mm in material titanium Grade 11, design Code according to ASME Code Section VIII, Division 1.

Immersion Heat exchanger

Size: 32m2
Material: 1.4306.
Pressure: 5 bar
Temperature: -10°C/+175°C

Heat exchanger

Size: 590m2
Matreial: 1.4462
Pressure: 7 bar
Temperature: 250°C

Condenser aus Titan

Condenser aus Titan mit beschichteten C-Stahl Hauben

Hochdruck Wärmetauscher

Hochdruck Wärmetauscher

Hochdruck Wärmetauscher 325 bar in Edelstahl

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