Perfection through over 100 years
of experience

In 1919 Mr. Richard Stihler founded the Richard STIHLER GmbH as a Coppersmith.

The company is a family business and is now running by the third generation by Mrs. Annette Stihler and Mr. Christian Stihler.

By the trade beginnings, over the years, a modern industrial company has developed.

Since 1920 not only copper was processed, also other materials like aluminium, monel and nickel.

1936 we started to work with stainless steel in our workshop.

Today on about 5000 m² of production area we produce apparatus, machines, heat-exchangers and other special constructions for the world’s major chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries.

With units designed for operating conditions ranging between full vacuum and 600 bar (8702,264 psi) operating pressure, capacities from 10 litres up to a maximum of 200.000 litres (between 2,6 and 52,840 US-gallons), wall thicknesses between 2 and 100 mm (0,078 to 3,938 inches), and units weighting up to 150 tons.

Mainly, we process rust- and acid-resistant special steels, high-alloy material and special material such as hastelloy,  inconel, nickel, copper, titanium, tantalum, zirconium and alloyed, heat-resistant steels, as well as constructional steel, boiler steels and fine grain constructional steel.

We calculate according to:

AD-Merkblätter, ASME Code VIII 1, TEMA, Stoomwezen, SVDB, CODAP a.o

Since 1978 we have been in possession of the ASME-Code symbol “U-STAMP”.

Just so we’ve got in November 1998 the Manufacture License of Special Equipment P. R. of China.

Furthermore we have DIN EN ISO 9001 and KTA 1401.

Also we are able to produce of the AS 1210 (Australian Standard).

Our experienced staff is using the most modern manufacturing facilities to produce quality products for the highest requirements

To develop customized solutions together with our customers is our target.

Manufacturing program

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